A moisture sensor (capacitive) is installed in the pump’s silencer. This sensor detects any liquid which inevitably gets into the pump motor in the event of a diaphragm rupture. The sensor’s output signal can be transmitted to an available programmable memory controller or an optionally available control unit.

If the sensor transmits an alarm signal, this alarm can be transmitted to a likewise optionally available solenoid valve. The solenoid valve shuts of the air supply. The pump stops.

If the pump is operated with an upstream moisture separator (filter regulator), damp compressed air can lead to triggering of the sensor (alarm). It is therefore mandatory to install an optionally available moisture separator (filter regulator) before the pump.
If diaphragm monitoring (DM1, DM2) is used in a potentially explosive area, an intrinsically safe isolating amplifier should also be provided in addition to the proximity sensor.

Diaphragm monitoring is available in the following models:
DM 1 – Moisture sensor, capacitive (Namur) with approx. 3.0 m connection cable
DM 2 – Moisture sensor, capacitive (Namur) with control unit