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Orange Line After Market Pumps

Orange Line air-operated diaphragm pumps were first used in the USA in the 50’s as universal multi-purpose pumps. Today, the air-operated double diaphragm pumps from Orange Line are used in many industrial sectors.

We can offer pumps that are comparable to other products depending on the necessary requirements and the field of activity. These pumps are available in different sizes and come in a variety of materials, including PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride, a thermoplastic fluoropolymer), polypropylene, aluminium, grey cast iron and stainless steel.

Benefit from our years of experience in the areas of use and application of air-operated diaphragm pumps. We will be happy to advise you. If you have any particular questions regarding technology and areas of application, please get in touch with one of our employees.

High-pressure variants
High pressure pumps are particularly suitable for use in the following areas of application:
  • Coating of chamber filter presses
  • Coating of spray nozzles
  • Delivery of high viscosity media
  • Paint lines
  • Overcoming large pump heights
Operation Our HP range achieves a delivery pressure of 16.0 bar at a drive pressure of max. 8.0 bar through an external pressure converter (booster). With this compressed air booster, our pumps achieve a max. delivery quantity of 34 m3/h (DM50/565). All housing components which come into contact with the product are made from polyethylene (PE), aluminium, grey cast iron or stainless steel.

Dellmeco HP pumps distinguish themselves in that they have a self-regulating design and thus do not require any regulation with regard to dry running, excess pressure or speed. There are also no rotating components, of course, resulting in a particularly gentle material delivery.
Pulsation damper
When operating compressed air driven double diaphragm pumps (positive displacement pumps), a pulsating delivery flow results from the oscillating movement of the diaphragm. In order to achieve an almost uniform delivery flow, the use of a suitable active pulsation damper is mandatory.

The Dellmeco F range is a specially developed pump with integrated pulsation damper and two separate product chambers. The first product chamber is used for delivering a liquid from a reservoir to the system. This chamber works by using a directly installed and actively controlled pulsation damper. The product flow is thus delivered evenly. An air pressure of at least 1 bar is required for perfect use of the pulsation damper.

The second chamber is used for returning the excess product (e.g. colour, glue, adhesive, etc.) from the system to the reservoir. The second chamber can also be used for circulating the product in the reservoir. The quick sedimentation of a product can thereby be prevented.

When using Dellmeco pumps with plastic housing, the pulsation damper is screwed directly onto the material outlet without the use of further components. When using pumps with metallic housing, the pulsation damper is installed downstream from the pump. Each pulsation damper has a separate compressed air connection. Pumps and pulsation dampers should be connected to the compressed air supply together so that both units are supplied with the same air pressure. As soon as the pump is supplied with air pressure and begins delivery, the pulsation also begins reducing the pulsation. The diaphragm in the pulsation damper, as in the double diaphragm pumps, serves as a separating membrane between the air side and the product side. If the air pressure is reduced or increased as a result of modified operating conditions, the pressure on the delivery side is also reduced or increased. This occurs both in the pump and in the pulsation damper. Consistently good damping of the pulsation is achieved, caused by this automatic adjustment of the pressure. Use in potentially explosive areas (EX II 2GD TX) is assured through the use of conductive polyethylene as the housing material.

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