Service & Expertise

Our range of double diaphragm pumps covers a broad spectrum of different materials, components, functions and accessories. Our skilled team provide you with detailed and application-oriented advice with the aim of finding the best solution for you. The diaphragm pump should be chosen carefully according to the industry and specific application. We are happy to help you with installation and commissioning as well – whether on site or over the phone. Just give us a call!

Maintenance and repair

There are three particularly important factors for every pump: Safety, efficiency and economic viability. We are happy to help you with repairs and maintenance so that your pump runs reliably and safely. Even if you didn’t buy the equipment from us – trust in our trained specialists!
In the event that your pump breaks down, you can find everything in one place with Dellmeco and get a replacement device (upon request) as quickly as possible. Our in-house repairs service takes care of the professional repair so that you can put your pump back into operation as soon as possible.

Our services:

  • Always transparent: Receiving and visual inspection
  • Each pump undergoes a function and output test
  • Repairs by our trained specialists
  • We are happy to prepare a cost estimate, incl. listing of all defective and worn parts, for you free of charge.
  • Express repairs with advance release
  • Of course, we also provide comprehensive and detailed advice if you have questions or problems
  • Every pump undergoes a test run on our pump test bench and our final inspection before shipping
  • In addition, we offer the professional disposal of old devices in accordance with the WEEE directive
  • We provide a 6 month guarantee (excluding wear parts) on all pumps serviced by us

If you want to send us your pump for repair/maintenance, we would ask that you fill out the following decontamination certificate and return it with the device.