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A reduction in the delivery capacity should be allowed for with pumping mediums with high viscosity. The reduction in the delivery capacity for increasing viscosity of the pumping medium can be read from the diagram below. The appropriate pump size can be selected. In the example, a desired delivery capacity of 200 l/min at a viscosity of 2,000 mPas was taken as a basis. The dashed line crosses the interpretation line for the pump at 248 l/min.


In order to achieve optimum delivery of your media, we recommend the use of a pulsation damper. This is ideally installed at the pump’s pressure output. In order to avoid the transfer of pump vibrations to your pipes, we recommend flexible connections (hoses or compensators). These should be installed both on the pressure side and on the suction side.

1) Determine the delivery capacity (l/min) required and the pump height or counter-pressure
(Example: 50 l/min, pump height or counter-pressure 4.0 bar)

2) The compressed air volume and compressed air demand can be read from the pump curve
(Example: 0.38 Nm3/min at 6.0 bar)

1” pump curve
Curve determined with water at 20 °C.
DM 15/55 PTS -DM 1
DM – Dellmeco pump
15 – Nominal diameter, DN
55 – Delivery capacity in l/min. at 8.0 bar

P – Housing material:
A – Aluminium
B – PTFE-coated aluminium
C – Grey cast iron
H – AISI 316L hygienic (stainless steel)
P – PE (polyethylene)
R – Conductive PE
S – AISI 316 stainless steel
T – PTFE (Teflon)
Z – Conductive PTFE

T – Diaphragm material:
N – NBR (Buna/Nitrile)

S – Ball valve material:
E – EPDM (ball valve)
N – NBR (ball valve)
S – AISI 316 (ball valve)
T – PTFE (ball valve)
U – Polyurethane (ball valve)
C – Ceramic (ball valve)
F – PTFE (cylinder valve)
P – PE (cylinder valve)
DM1 – optional accessories:
BC1 – Buffer chamber with sensors, standard
BC2 – Buffer chamber complete with sensors and regulator
BC3 – Buffer chamber complete with sensors and regulator, ATEX
DM1 – Diaphragm monitoring with sensor (Namur) ATEX
DM2 – Diaphragm monitoring with sensor (Namur) ATEX and regulator
F1 – PN10 flange connection with EPDM O ring
F2 – PN10 flange connection with NBR O ring
F3 – PN10 flange connection with FEP/FPM O ring
F7 – PN10 flange connection DIN 2576
F8 – PN16 flange connection, ANSI150
F9 – PN16 flange connection DIN 2277 / 2278
SC1 – Stroke count sensor (Namur) ATEX
SC2 – SC1 plus stroke counter
SC3 – SC1 plus stroke counter, ATEX
SC5 – Pneumatic stroke counting with pressure sensor
SC6 – SC5 plus stroke counter
BF1 – Residue removal, manual operation with EPDM seals
BF2 – Residue removal, manual operation with PTFE seals
BF3 – Residue removal, manual operation with FPM seals
BF4 – Residue removal, pneumatic with EPDM seals
BF5 – Residue removal, pneumatic with PTFE seals
AF1, AF2 – Filter regulator with connection nipple
D – Barrel pump
HJ – Heating jacket
HP – Compressed air booster
MV – Pump externally controlled via solenoid valve
S – Split connections
P – Powder pump
T – Trolley for diaphragm pump
CLEAN – The “clean package” is for a special pump application for which particular cleanliness is required.

Self-priming pump
The compressed air driven double diaphragm pumps from Dellmeco are dry self-priming. With a full suction line, a suction height of up to 8.0 m WS can be achieved. The suction height varies depending on the diaphragm material and the pumping medium.

Submerged pump
The compressed air driven double diaphragm pumps from Dellmeco can be operated submerged in pumping medium. The pump materials should be checked before submerging the pump. The exhaust from the air motor must be channelled into the atmosphere via a separate exhaust air pipe above the liquid level.

Pump with preliminary pressure
The compressed air driven double diaphragm pumps from Dellmeco can be operated with a suction side preliminary pressure of max. 0.6 bar. In order to prevent unwanted volume flow, a shut-off valve should be installed in the suction line.

All data determined with water (1 mPas) at +20 °C