Polyethylene conductive (DMCX)

  • pneumatic diaphragm pumps of low to middle performance range
  • made of conductive Polyethylene with ATEX conformity
  • machined from solid material on a very highly advanced CNC Machining and Turning Center
  • air control system without lubrication or dead spot
  • four pump sizes available
    DMCX10 (3/8“ connection) with 10l/min. flow rate
    DMCX20 (1/2“ connection) with 20l/min. flow rate
    DMCX50 (3/4“ connection) with 50l/min. flow rate
    DMCX130 (11/4“ connection) with 130l/min. flow rate
  • Diaphragm made of EPDM, NBR and TFM/EPDM bonded
  • Ball and cylinder valves available
  • easy to repair
  • 100% interchangeable to CX-Series from competitor