Electric double diaphragm pumps

The pump technology was specially developed for systems in which low pressure (up to 6 bar) is required. The DELLMECO DME is an electromagnetically driven double diaphragm pump which, in contrast to pneumatic pumps, does not require a permanent air supply and thus works particularly energy-efficiently. In addition, no hydraulic fluid is required for this technology. The compact design and low operating costs are increasingly convincing our customers and underline Dellmeco’s great reputation as an expert in double diaphragm pumps.

Plastic double diaphragm pumps
Our modular design plastic pump housings are milled from PE, PTFE, PP or PVDF and are resistant to almost all chemicals as a result. Thanks to the smooth diaphragm surface, the pump technology allows for particularly gentle material delivery. As a result, these double diaphragm pumps are particularly robust and can be operated at temperatures from -40°C to +120°C. In addition, delivery pressures of up to 6.0 bar are possible. Viscous media up to max. 20,000 mPas are easy for our electromechanical double diaphragm pumps.
Metal double diaphragm pumps
Dellmeco pumps with metal housing are resistant to abrasive media. They are suitable for the delivery of chemicals, solvents, oils and paints. Alongside the gentle material delivery, we would also like to highlight the particularly low air consumption here. Our metal pumps can also be operated at temperatures from -40°C to +120°C and with delivery pressures of up to 16.0 bar. Thanks to the smooth diaphragm surface, no membrane screw is required.
Hygienic double diaphragm pumps (AISI 316L)
The hygienic double diaphragm pumps from Dellmeco are FDA approved thanks to the smooth diaphragm surface since the TFM prevents the growth of bacteria and germs. In addition, all components which come into contact with the media are made from stainless steel and thus meet the standards of the food and pharmaceutical industries. If you need special surface treatments, these are available upon request.